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Faculty and Resident Programs

Monday, September 12, 2011
7:00am — 12:45pm


(H) Grand Ballroom Salon E

OMS Faculty Summit (Day Two)


The OMS Faculty Section will convene its inaugural OMS Faculty Summit prior to the start of the 2011 AAOMS Annual Meeting. The Summit will be in addition to the regularly scheduled business meeting and educational symposium. The Summit with provide an opportunity for faculty to gather for two half days to connect with one another, share ideas and issues confronting them, as well as brainstorm on key issues such as evolving standards, curriculum innovation, faculty recruitment and retention, outcomes assessment, and many other challenges that face both the specialty and dental/ medical education as a whole. Day Two will focus on faculty issues such as necessary resources to support outstanding faulty, mentoring young academicians, how to prepare residents to become competent faculty and much more.

7:00am — 8:00am


8:00am — 9:00am

Faculty Recruitment and Retention: How to Provide Necessary Resources to Support Outstanding Faculty
James Q Swift, DDS
Chair, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

9:00am — 9:10am


9:10am — 9:40am

Successful Models for Mentoring of Young Academicians
M. Anthony Pogrel, DDS, MD
Chair, Department of OMS
University of California - San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

9:40am — 9:50am


9:50am — 10:20am

Successful Models for Mentoring of Young Academicians: FEDA Recipient
Larry L Cunningham, Jr., DDS, MD
Chair/Program Director
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY

10:20am — 10:30am


10:30am — 11:00am

How to Increase Faculty Time for Research
Charles N Bertolami, DDS, DMedSc
New York University, College of Dentistry
New York, NY

11:00am — 11:10am


11:10am — 11:40am

How to Prepare Residents to Become Competent Faculty Members
Peter D Quinn, DMD, MD
Vice Dean
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA

11:40am — 11:50am


11:50am — 12:20pm

How to Make the Adjustment from Private Practice to Academia
James W Wilson, DDS
Chair, AAOMS Task Force on Faculty Workforce and Associate Professor, Department of OMS
University of Texas - Houston
Houston, TX

12:20pm — 12:30pm


12:30pm — 12:45pm

Closing Remarks and Discussion of Topics for Future Faculty Summit
John R Zuniga, DMD, MS, PhD
AAOMS Faculty Section Chair, and Chair
University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX

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