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Professional Allied Staff Courses

Friday, September 16, 2011
3:00PM - 4:30PM


(C) 105A-B


Technology: Dental Scan to Surgical Guide Protocols- Procedures and Office Harmony*

Cindy Rothenberg, RDH
Private Practice
Marlboro, NJ


Technology is here to stay so we need to embrace these concepts and evolve our practices accordingly. This workshop will teach the role of the support team, starting from the patient consultation through surgical guide and include each team member’s responsibility. It is designed to get these dedicated professionals comfortable with patient verbiage, order, protocol, and armamentarium to improve office flow. Trained professionals make it easy for the surgical practice to stay up to date and cutting edge. These skills ultimately increase success rates and position your practice as a forerunner in future growth and development. An empowered team establishes your practice as a stronghold of the community in the eyes of referring doctors.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this presentation, participants should be able to:

  1. Set up or improve the office procedures involved with guided implant surgery. They can develop tracking systems for better inner and outer-office communication;
  2. Understand how technology and surgical guides have added procedure preparation to the oral surgeon's day;
  3. Improve office flow with regard to CBCT scans, lab and technological procedures that have become a strong part of the implant surgeon’s daily routine; and
  4. Gain respect and appreciation for the responsibility of others involved in maintaining order and system implementation.

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