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New Exhibitor Spotlight

The New Exhibitor Spotlight is reserved for companies that have not previously exhibited with the AAOMS.

Advanced Technology & Capital, Inc.
Booth 421

The new side-loading dental needle and syringe system; no need to recap the needles and self-aspiration feature built-in the needles.

IMMCO Diagnostics, Inc.
Booth 411

Celebrating 40 years in oral pathology, Immco Diagnostics provides expert services in H&E biopsy, direct immunofluorescence, and serology testing. Our board certified oral pathologists offer detailed patient diagnosis, a collaborative approach and essential 48 hour service. Immco reports demonstrate our commitment to quality and accuracy with photomicrographs and interpretation of results. We provide complimentary specimen kits and free shipping. Visit us at Booth 411 for a free gift.

Reliance Orthodontic Products, Inc.
Booth 1341

For orthodontic surgical exposures, the C & C Kit (Chain & Composite) from Reliance is the answer for a consistent bonded button and chain. A smooth, low profile surface provides improved patient comfort. The transparent pre-loaded mold allows better curing and less failure. Removal is by a bur which is less traumatic for patient.

Please stop by their spotlight and booth!