2014 Annual Meeting 2014 Annual Meeting

Keynote Address

Beck Weathers, MD
Inspirational Survivor of the 1996 Mount Everest Tragedy

On the night of May 10, 1996, a violent storm swept over Mt. Everest, buffeting the more than 30 adventurers who were descending from the mountain’s summit with heavy snow, subzero cold, and hurricane-force winds. Within 24 hours, eight of the climbers, including three professional guides, were dead. It would become the deadliest day in the history of expeditions on the world’s highest mountain. Among the climbers severely injured by the spring storm was Dr. Seaborn Beck Weathers, a 49-year-old amateur climber who, lying unconscious and exposed on the mountain’s icy rocks, had been left for dead three hundred yards from his camp. His wife and family were notified of his death. Miraculously, Weathers awoke the morning after the storm to find himself alive, but barely.

The incredible story of Beck Weathers' survival has all the elements of a great adventure: heroism; bravery; a successful human struggle against the forces of nature; the surmounting of great physical and psychological challenges; and a triumph of the human spirit. He has come back from his ordeal to speak about his experience, and to enlighten us with the invaluable lessons he learned. We now have the rare opportunity to hear from someone who has faced his own death and lived to tell about it. Dr. Weathers' story will also soon be told in "Everest," a major motion picture starring Josh Brolin and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Born in Griffin, Georgia, Dr. Weathers received his BS in mathematics and chemistry from Midwestern University. He received his doctor of medicine degree from Southwestern Medical School. He has been a partner in MCD Pathology, LLP, and has served as co-medical director at Medical City Dallas Hospital and LabCorp since 1977.


Keynote Lecture: Dr. Beck Weathers

Wednesday, September 10
4:00 PM-5:00 PM