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American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons


Clinical Webinar: Reconstruction of the Edentulous Maxilla with a Fixed Final Prosthesis

April 28th, 2011

In March, the AAOMS held the Clinical Webinar, "A Systematic Treatment Planning Protocol for the Reconstruction of the Edentulous Maxilla with a Fixed Final Prosthesis." This 60-minute webinar discussed how potential candidates for implant restoration of the fully edentulous maxilla are primarily interested in a fixed restoration as opposed to a bar/clip over denture. While there are many factors to consider in the pre-treatment work-up, there is an advantage of being able to determine early in the consultation process the feasibility of a fixed restoration before significant time is invested in diagnostic procedures. This presentation examined three critical factors necessary to provide a fixed restoration that are able to be used as a screening mechanism to determine the possibility of a fixed implant restoration and likelihood of necessary bone grafting procedures to achieve the desired outcome. The use of 4 vs. 6 implants for the support of a fixed maxillary prosthesis and potential complications and their management were also reviewed with suggestion for "bail out" procedures.

The recording of this webinar will be available soon for purchase at