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Keeping current on correct coding guidelines and Medicare and other insurers' payment policies can mean the difference between getting paid or getting charged for fraud and abuse. AAOMS offers an abundance of resources to navigate the maze of coding and third party reimbursement issues. Not only that, also available to you is a variety of resources to assist you in running a smooth and efficient practice.

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For more information on Health Information Technology visit the HIT webpage at

Coding Corners and Health Policy Perspective articles

The AAOMS Today is a print publication, issued six times a year for members of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and their staff. The publication typically includes articles of interest relative to general topics such as coding and reimbursement and health policy. To see lists of articles featured in the recurring Coding Corner, Health Policy Perspectives as far back as 2003, use the link below

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