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Cms Incentive Programs

CMS Quality Measurement Initiatives

The AAOMS is closely monitoring CMS’ quality initiatives as it shifts away from a model which pays based on the volume of providers services to a model that links payment to the quality and efficiency of care provided. CMS outlines its plans toward a Value-Based Purchasing model in the Roadmap to Implementing Value Driven Healthcare in the Traditional Medicare Fee-For Service Program and in its plans for implementing quality measures in the Roadmap for Quality Measurement in the Traditional Medicare Fee-For-Service Program. Over the last several years, CMS has developed tools with the intent to create rational approaches to lessen healthcare cost growth and to identify and encourage care delivery patterns that are not only high quality, but also cost-efficient. The underlying principle of value-based purchasing (VBP) is to create incentives encouraging all healthcare providers to deliver higher quality care at a lower total cost. The AAOMS has created the following papers to assist AAOMS members in understanding CMS’ quality incentive programs and to assist members with identifying the incentive program(s) that may apply to them. While these measures do not currently apply to private payers, a number of medical and dental plans are developing and testing similar payment models. Members who currently do not treat Medicare beneficiaries are encouraged to become familiar with these initiatives as many private payers adopt CMS policies.

Electronic Prescribing (e-Rx)

August 5th, 2013