Board of Trustees

AAOMS is administered by an 11-member Board of Trustees composed of five Officers, including the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer and Immediate Past President as well as six Trustees who each represent a geographic membership district. The AAOMS Executive Director serves as Board Secretary in an ex-officio capacity. The Speaker of the House of Delegates also is an officer of the Association.

2022-23 AAOMS Officers and Trustees
AAOMS Board of Trustees
Front row, from left:

Steven R. Nelson, DDS, MS, Speaker of the House of Delegates
Robert S. Clark, DMD, Treasurer
J. David Morrison, DMD, Vice President
Paul J. Schwartz, DMD, President
Mark A. Egbert, DDS, FACS, President-Elect
J. David Johnson Jr., DDS, Immediate Past President
Karin Wittich, CAE, Secretary/Executive Director

Back row, from left:

Debra M. Sacco, DMD, MD, District III Trustee
Gregory M. Ness, DDS, FACS, District IV Trustee
Charles A. Crago, DMD, MD, FACS, District V Trustee
David M. Shafer, DMD, District I Trustee
Martin E. Eichner, DDS, District II Trustee
W. Frederick Stephens, DDS, District VI Trustee