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American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Advocacy Resources

Member involvement in the political process or grassroots action is an important part of AAOMS's advocacy efforts. Types of grassroots activities include calling, writing or meeting with elected officials about a particular issue, attending public hearings or meetings and submitting an article to a newspaper or professional journal. AAOMS encourages our members to engage in these types of activities and seeks to assist them in the process when it relates to the specialty through the use of our member action management software.

Building long-term relationships with legislators is absolutely vital to grassroots advocacy. Is one of your neighbors a member of Congress? Did your son or daughter go to school with a congressional staffer? If so, we want to know. AAOMS is seeking to build its key contact information database so that we can capitalize on these relationships with our advocacy efforts. If you have any type of relationship with a member of Congress or their staff, please e-mail the AAOMS Department of Governmental Affairs at