Student Loan Repayment Reform

In recent years, the average US student loan debt and delinquency rate have significantly increased. This is mainly due to students’ post-school salaries being too low to sustain their loan payments. Those who go into fields that require postgraduate education and training face even greater financial burdens. For example, today’s OMSs enter the workforce with upwards of $300,000 in student debt to repay. The duty to repay these debts serves as a main deterrent to young OMSs interested in pursuing a career in academics or research, leaving the specialty at risk of too few faculty to train future OMSs and a lack of researchers to develop new treatments. It also alters the locality where young OMSs are willing to practice, leaving rural areas at greater risk of being underserved. 

AAOMS supports legislation to help address the debt repayment burdens faced by today’s students.