Can’t make it to Day on the Hill?
You can still be an effective advocate!

The AAOMS Day on the Hill is meant to engage OMSs in the political process by encouraging communication with your federal elected officials about the OMS specialty and pertinent federal legislation that impacts you and your patients.

Additional Information and Resources for OMS Advocacy
  • Materials you need to be an effective advocate are available by clicking here. Materials include “leave behind” talking points for the member or staffer you meet with, cosponsor lists for our AAOMS-supported bills and tips for requesting and conducting congressional meetings. Check the cosponsor lists before your meeting, call or tweet. Thank anyone who has already cosponsored and ask anyone who hasn't to sign on to our bills.
  • Remember, the talking points are meant to be a reference- no need to read them verbatim. Click here for our Government 101 document.
  • If you need help finding your congressional representative or senators, visit this site. Keep in mind where you live and work may be in two different districts—advocate in both!

Grassroots advocacy is about many people making an effort, no matter how big or small, to ensure their voices are heard. Become a part of the OMS Action Network grassroots program by engaging in advocacy activities such as sending letters to your legislators through the AAOMS grassroots software.

Simple actions can make a big impact that can shape the future of policy that influences the specialty.

For more information about engaging in our Virtual Day on the Hill, contact Government Affairs Staff Associate Danielle Branch at 800-822-6637, ext. 4392.