Grassroots advocacy is the practice of educating and influencing public officials in order to promote and achieve legislative priorities that support the specialty. Grassroots efforts are not the work of professional lobbyists or staff, but of AAOMS members.

The OMS Action Network serves as a central hub for AAOMS members to learn more about and participate in all AAOMS grassroots initiatives.

For more details on the activities listed to the right, please view the OMS Action Network Grassroots Toolkit.

Also, please sign up to be a part of the network so that staff can facilitate your participation.

Finally, fill out the Key Legislative Contact form if you have a key relationship with a particular legislator, or would like to develop one. Doing so will make you a valuable "go-to" advocacy contact.

For questions about grassroots advocacy or anything mentioned on this page, please contact the AAOMS Governmental Affairs Department at 800-822-6637.

Simple Tasks to Get Involved:

  • Call or email your legislator using one of AAOMS’s “write your rep” campaigns.

  • Request an OMSPAC contribution for a legislator or agreeing to deliver one locally on behalf of the specialty.

  • Schedule a meeting with your legislators in their local offices in your home state.

  • Give a tour of your office to your local legislator.

  • Attend the AAOMS Day on the Hill program each spring in Washington, DC

  • Join your legislator’s health care advisory panel and become a great local resource.

  • Become an OMS key contact. You will be the go-to resource for advocacy and OMSPAC activities involving your legislator.