Life Fellow and Member

A fellow or member shall automatically be transferred to life fellowship or life membership upon completion of 30 dues paying years and reaching the age of 65, or upon completion of 35 dues paying years. Only in extenuating circumstances may exceptions be made and then only upon recommendation of the Board of Trustees. A life fellow or life member shall have the same fellowship/membership privileges he/she enjoyed prior to this status. A life fellow may serve in the House of Delegates and hold office in AAOMS. Life fellows/members who are actively practicing oral and maxillofacial surgery shall pay 50% of membership dues, annual meeting registrations and assessments, and shall be required to hold membership in their component oral and maxillofacial surgery society. Life fellows/members may receive the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery only by personal paid subscription at a rate of 50% of the member price.

Life fellows/members in a teaching position who receive salary from an academic program without deriving income from faculty practice or private practice shall not be required to pay membership dues and assessments.

Annual Fee: $775*
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (optional): $73 
*no annual membership fee assessed for life fellows/members employed solely as faculty, or in the federal services, including Veterans Administration and Public Health