COVID-19 Information for AAOMS Members: Updates and Resources

If you have any questions that were not addressed here, please use our form to contact us.

How do I access OMSKU V for the first time ?


Visit https://www.pathlms.com/aaoms/courses. OMSKU V chapters are listed here, along with some other AAOMS online education. Click the OMSKU V chapter you are interested in, and view the learning objectives.

This is my first time trying to login as an AAOMS member, but it won’t allow me access using my AAOMS login info. What should I do?


If you have previously purchased an OMSKU V chapter, you should have received an email with your username and password. If you did not, please contact Brianne Waldoch.

New users must create an account on the site if they have never accessed it. It is not tied to your AAOMS website login.

Is there an institution price?


No, OMSKU V pricing structure includes individual rates for members, residents and non-members.

I have already purchased a chapter- how do I access the login screen?


Visit https://www.pathlms.com/aaoms/sign_in?return_to=%2Faaoms%2Fcourses to access the login screen directly. Once logged in, your purchased content will appear.

Can I use OMSKU V on my iPad or other tablet?


Yes, but we suggest the following:

             8″ – 10″ Tablet screen size (for readability)

            Browser with Flash Support – “Puffin” Browser is recommended.

Does OMSKU V save my place as I progress through the chapter sections?


Once you complete a section within a chapter, you will see a check mark by the section title. 

Does OMSKU V allow me to save my assessment and return later to complete it?


No, the assessment must be completed in one sitting. However, there is no pre-set time limit. You will have up to 3 chances to take and successfully pass the assessment and obtain your CE certificate.

Is there a time limit on the content once I purchase a chapter?


No, once you purchase a chapter you will have continual access. You are only allowed three attempts to pass the assessment and earn your CE certificate.

Can I take notes in the system or print out the material?


Yes, you can take notes. Depending on the section format, there are two ways to take notes. Sections labeled SCORM will have a blue/green Notes button on the bottom. For all other sections, there is a document icon on the bottom right side of the presentation screen. Clicking that will open a notes area.

What chapters are available?


There are 13 chapters. They are: Anesthesia, Cosmetic, Dental Implants, Head & Neck Infections, History of OMS, Microneurosurgery, Orthognathic, OSA, Pathology, Patient Assessment, Reconstruction, TMJ and Trauma.

What is the OMSKU V refund policy?


Refunds or returns are not given for OMSKU V.