Become a Member of the Faculty Section Executive Committee

Be involved in the FSEC

Participate as a member of the OMS Faculty Section Executive Committee (FSEC). Members of the FSEC have an opportunity to connect with colleagues, assist in developing improved methods for teaching and training in OMS predoctoral and postdoctoral education as well as related disciplines and to ensure future supply of outstanding faculty for OMS residency programs. There is one position available – a six-year member-at-large term. 

The OMS Faculty Section Executive Committee is composed of a Chair, Chair-elect, Secretary, Program Planner, Assistant Program Planner, Member-at-Large, Ad Hoc Predoctoral Educator and Fellowship Director. All positions are elected for one-year terms and automatically ascend to the next highest office at the close of the business meeting sessions held during the AAOMS Annual Meeting. All members must be affiliated with programs accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. 

All nominations for the OMS Faculty Section Executive Committee shall be submitted to AAOMS at advancededucation@aaoms.org at least 30 days prior to the section meeting at the Annual Meeting. Each nominee should provide:

  • A brief statement describing his or her interest and qualifications for the position. 
  • A chronological listing of relevant work experience and a summary of any service, publications or other accomplishments related to educational leadership. 

These items will be available for review by voting members. If no written platforms for elected positions of the section are received 15 days prior to the Annual Meeting, the Executive Committee will nominate three active members of the section prior to the section annual meeting. Nominations will be taken from the floor if accompanied with the appropriate required documentation. All nominees must provide written acceptance of nomination in order to be included on the ballot. 

Note: voting for all officers will be by secret ballots. Each voter or designee will be given a ballot and can vote for only one nominee for each office being voted on. The first candidate to receive a simple majority will be declared the winner. In the event that no candidate receives a simple majority, the candidate receiving the fewest votes will be eliminated from the ballot with this election process repeated until a simple majority is achieved.

Any questions please contact us.