OMSNIC – Resident Resources

OMS National Insurance Company, RRG (OMSNIC)

OMSNIC has been the leading provider of professional liability insurance to OMSs for more than 30 years with a proven track record of aggressively defending claims brought against its policyholders. Highly trained claims specialists and expert defense counsel repeatedly achieve a 94 percent success rate at trial.

OMSNIC has a number of resources available online that residents may find useful:

Resident Surgical Log

OMSNIC developed the Resident Surgical Log (RSL) specifically for OMS resident training programs. It features program-specific faculty and treatment facility information, pertinent codes and reporting tools to help residents and training programs maintain accurate records of surgical experiences and track accreditation requirements. Log in to the RSL to view notifications and updates or email rsl@omsnic.com with any questions.

Transition to Practice Guide

In response to requests from the ROAAOMS Executive Committee, OMSNIC created the new Resident Transition Guide. This guide highlights issues to consider when transitioning to practice as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Included are tips for deciding where to practice, what to look for in an employment contract, securing medical professional liability insurance coverage and other non-clinical considerations for preparing for the first year in practice. Request a copy today.

Publication with OMSNICase

Residents and faculty can submit cases for acceptance and publication through OMSNICase. Training programs receive a $1,000 unrestricted grant from OMSNIC for each published case. For more information, visit OMSNIC.com/OMSNICase or the RSL homepage.

Learn and earn

OMS residents can earn a 10 percent premium credit for completion of only one OMSNIC course. A premium credit works similar to a discount, reducing the amount of insurance premium paid. The 10 percent credit is applicable for one year or three years (and renewable thereafter) depending on the course completed. Log in to OMSNIC.com or the RSL to access.*

*When combined with the 50 percent New-to-Practice credit, residents will receive a 60 percent premium credit in total on their first policy period.

Live residency training program presentations

OMSNIC offers live presentations to residency training programs. A variety of topics are covered and may fulfill accreditation standards. Resident attendees will earn a 10 percent premium credit for three years once insured with OMSNIC. To schedule a presentation, email register@OMSNIC.com.

OMS Guardian newsletter

The quarterly OMS Guardian newsletter provides articles with information on patient safety and risk management issues that are important to oral and maxillofacial surgeons.