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OMS National Insurance Company, RRG (OMSNIC)

Exclusively endorsed by AAOMS, OMSNIC is the leading provider of medical professional liability insurance for OMS. This insurance, often referred to as malpractice insurance, provides coverage to protect your license and your livelihood when a patient alleges you harmed them during the course of treatment. These allegations can be personal, and, collectively, frivolous allegations against the specialty have broad implications.

To defend OMS against allegations of malpractice, an understanding of the oral and maxillofacial surgical specialty is required. As a company owned and operated by OMS, OMSNIC has a proven track record of aggressively defending claims brought against its policyholders, with a 94 percent success rate at trial.

Each member insured is an owner of the company. With the purchase of preferred shares, policyholders invest capital to support Company operations, and in return, have a voice within the company and share in OMSNIC’s profits. Learn more about OMSNIC’s OMSCap program – which has seen a 10-year average annual return of 5.8 percent and cumulative return of 10.7 percent. 

While OMSNIC’s policy provides protection while in practice, OMSNIC’s support of the Specialty begins with residency.

OMSNIC resources for OMS residents

Resident Surgical Log

OMSNIC developed the Resident Surgical Log specifically to support OMS residents and their training programs. It features program-specific faculty and treatment facility information, pertinent codes and reporting tools to help residents and training programs maintain accurate records of surgical experiences and track accreditation requirements. Email RSL@OMSNIC.com with any questions.

Get Published with OMSNICase; Receive $1,000 Grant

Residents can submit cases for acceptance and publication through OMSNICase. Training programs receive a $1,000 unrestricted grant from OMSNIC for each published case. For more information, visit OMSNIC.com/OMSNICase or the RSL home page.

Employment Agreement Resources

Before signing an employment agreement, review OMSNIC’s resources to learn what certain clauses mean and how they can impact residents and future employment opportunities.

OMSNIC Podcast

Listen to On Air with OMSNIC – Before You Sign - Understanding What Your Employment Agreement Means For YOU.

Transition to Practice Guide

In response to requests from the ROAAOMS Executive Committee, OMSNIC created the Resident Transition Guide. This Guide highlights issues to consider when transitioning to practice as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Included are tips for deciding where to practice, what to look for in an employment contract, securing medical professional liability insurance coverage, and other non-clinical considerations for preparing for the first year in practice. Request a Copy Today.

Interactive online course, Evaluating Employment Agreements

This 20-minute interactive online course allows residents to choose what employment agreement topics they wish to learn more about. Residents can access the course through the RSL, or login to OMSNIC.com and navigate to the Online Courses page.

Save 60 percent in your first year with OMSNIC*

Complete an applicable risk management course and earn a 10 percent premium credit.

Online Education

On-demand courses are available via the RSL, or login to OMSNIC.com and navigate to the Online Courses page.

Scheduling a Live Presentation – Closed Claim Reviews, a risk management presentation for your training program.

Email OMSNIC to schedule an in-person presentation or live webinar at your training program. Through discussions with an experienced OMS, closed malpractice claims are presented to illustrate risks and challenges OMS may face in practice. The presentation fulfills risk management education accreditation standards.
*When the 10 percent risk management credit is combined with the 50 percent New-to-Practice credit, residents save 60 percent on their premium for their first policy period.

OMS Guardian Newsletter

The monthly OMS Guardian newsletter provides articles intended to help OMS and residents stay current on patient safety and risk management topics within the Specialty.