Resident Wellness

The Resident Organization of AAOMS (ROAAOMS) began a resident wellness campaign in 2020 to improve the wellbeing of residents. ROAAOMS continues to find ways to help residents improve their wellness.

Resident wellness tips on Instagram

Find wellness tips to improve daily life and habits on ROAAOMS Instagram. Interested in submitting a resident wellness tip for the Instagram account? Email one to three tips or activities that help achieve mental, physical or emotional wellness to advancededucation@aaoms.org. The tips can offer suggestions for a healthier or more fulfilling life, covering social, career, environmental or intellectual topics. 

Resident Wellness Webinars

ROAAOMS hosted a three-part Resident Wellness Webinar Series in November 2020. The complimentary webinar series was designed to support residents’ health and wellbeing. 

Residents can register to watch the on-demand webinars at AAOMS.org/CEondemand. Select the yellow button in the top-right corner to log in and enter your AAOMS username and password. After logging in, select the green register button in the top-right corner to complete registration. 

On-demand webinars include: 

  • Resident Wellness Webinar: Grit and Resiliency in Surgery
  • Resident Wellness Webinar: Preventing Surgeon Burnout