OMSs in the News

Title Date
8-year-old's jaw reconstructed after hit by stray bullet May 16, 2023
Oral Surgeon and Staff Use CPR and an AED to Save Accountant’s Life Apr 04, 2023
Police officer returns to work after reconstructed jaw and face, extensive dental work Feb 16, 2022
OMS helps woman with dwarfism condition Oct 24, 2021
OMS helps patient with severe dog bite on the nose Apr 19, 2021
OMS provides free procedure for cancer patient Mar 31, 2021
AAOMS fellow works on world's first face and hands transplant Feb 03, 2021
COVID-19 patient treated for macroglossia Nov 18, 2020
Surgeon pulls off state-of-the-art procedure to remove large facial tumor Nov 06, 2020
OMS performs surgery on NFL ref Sep 14, 2020
2 OMSs help 3-year-old with birth defects Jul 04, 2020
Dr. Niamtu's family featured in People magazine Feb 18, 2020
Michigan man receives implants through Second Chance program Feb 17, 2020
OMS delivers pro bono care in Mississippi Dec 11, 2019
OMSs in Arizona battle opioid epidemic Aug 27, 2019
OMSs help save teeth of special needs patients May 15, 2019
Dr. Bagby promoted to brigadier general Apr 16, 2019
OMS gifts life-changing treatment to program winner Apr 05, 2019
OMS provides free full arch implant reconstruction to Smile Again program winner Feb 18, 2019
Doctor and family honored for service with Mercy Ships Dec 06, 2018
Lubbock veteran benefits from surgeons’ gift of dental surgery Dec 05, 2018
Boy from Haiti receives life-saving surgery Nov 22, 2018
OMS provides new set of teeth to veteran Jun 18, 2018
AAOMS recognized on House floor May 31, 2018
Oral Health supplement in USA Today features AAOMS member Apr 06, 2018
OMS performs mission work with Mercy Ships Mar 26, 2018
Collaboration helped provide total jaw reconstruction for UAB professor Mar 08, 2018
Hornbeck graduate perseveres, amid personal obstacles Jun 03, 2017
Athletes Urge Students To Prevent Facial Injury May 31, 2017
Understanding the Wisdom Behind Extracting Wisdom Teeth Mar 23, 2017
U.S. surgeons remove 6-pound tumor from Gambian girl's mouth Mar 09, 2017
New technology helps veteran gain his smile back Feb 08, 2017
U.S. surgeons remove rare facial tumor from Brazilian girl Jan 25, 2017
Haitian woman comes to Abington, Pa. for life-saving oral surgery Jan 11, 2017
7-year-old gets life-like 3-D printed skull after severe fall Nov 19, 2016
Military Heroes After The Call of Duty: Dr. Samira Meymand Nov 08, 2016
Saving a Face: OMS uses pioneering surgery to repair rare, disfiguring jaw condition Oct 06, 2016
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Helps Crash Victim Smile Again Sep 16, 2016
What Life Looks Like After the World’s Most Extensive Face Transplant Aug 25, 2016
Why do we have wisdom teeth? Jul 20, 2016
Refugee gets the gift of a new smile Jun 25, 2016
Vietnam veteran gets his smile back courtesy of local oral surgeon, dentist Jun 25, 2016
My Toughest Case: Implants Without Bone Support Jun 03, 2016
She’d lost half her teeth – then got an amazing offer Jun 02, 2016
Meet the surgeon who fixes Lightning players’ faces, teeth May 23, 2016
The New York Times Magazine: A Lone Bullet's Long Toll Apr 25, 2016
Oral surgeon, dentist provide gift that changes a man’s life Mar 02, 2016
Woman Shot By Ex, Gifted New Smile By Florida Surgeon Jan 11, 2016
Cyclist’s sacrifice saves grandson, OMS serves on trauma team to repair injuries Dec 28, 2015
10 Things To Know About Doctor Who Led Team In Most Extensive Face Transplant Nov 17, 2015
Injured firefighter gets most extensive face transplant ever Nov 16, 2015
Doctors transform face of Haitian girl in life-saving surgery Oct 15, 2015
Surgeon puts kids’ faces back together Sep 21, 2015
OMS Dr. Pushkar Mehra replaces French teenager’s TMJ and realigns teeth in single surgery Sep 09, 2015
Alexandria girl recovers after traumatic facial injury Aug 25, 2015
African teen comes to Annapolis for a new face Jul 31, 2015
Surgeon who grew up with nothing gives back to patients, youths Jul 26, 2015
Teen has surgery to realign jaw broken at birth Jul 08, 2015
Surgeons reshape face of child with rare syndrome Jun 10, 2015
Changing a Life: Jianfeng's Journey in Jacksonville May 04, 2015
Volunteer doctors remove facial tumour twice the size of Madagascan man's head Apr 14, 2015
After sleep apnea surgery, Mike Napoli is on frontier of growing focus in MLB Apr 13, 2015
Local surgeon makes baby a jawbone Apr 01, 2015
Landmine Survivor Receives Life-Changing Operations Jan 07, 2015
Life-Changing Chin Surgery Jan 01, 2015
Red Sox's Mike Napoli Has Successful Surgery to Address Sleep Apnea Nov 04, 2014
Maxillofacial surgeon finds Army career fulfilling Oct 17, 2014
6 surgeries you wouldn't believe they're doing Sep 26, 2014
First-of-a-kind surgery in US for severe headaches Aug 18, 2014
Woman’s Jaw Surgery: “Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before” Aug 08, 2014
Waiting for a New Face: The transplants giving people back their lives Aug 07, 2014
New Hope for Soldiers Disfigured in War Jul 31, 2014
Researchers Develop a Framework for Monitoring Oral Cancer Development, Progression and Recurrance Jun 10, 2014
OMS uses cutting-edge medical technology to help rebuild teen's jaw May 31, 2014
Deline's miracle journey: Massive tumor in mouth removed May 18, 2014
OMS helps put smile back on face of oral cancer survivor Apr 28, 2014
Dentist for Anaheim Ducks winces at every hit Jan 14, 2014
Snake attack victim regains his smile in Fort Worth Dec 18, 2013
Mending Matia: Faith, hope and medicine deliver great rewards for one small child Oct 18, 2013
Africa Mercy OMSs save faces, change lives. Watch the "60 Minutes" report Feb 17, 2013
Most Extensive Full Face Transplant To Date Mar 27, 2012
Surgeon Brett Ferguson helps patients face the world Jan 18, 2012
Las Vegas native survives pipe through head thanks to doctors May 10, 2011
Cutting-Edge Jaw Surgery Feb 18, 2011
Chicago Conductor Undergoes Successful Facial Surgery Feb 07, 2011
New Look: Blind Mom Gets Prosthetic Face Jul 15, 2010
Competition for the tooth fairy - Pulled teeth now saved as source of stem cells for future therapies Jun 07, 2010
AAOMS challenges AMA data series comments on OMS, dentistry Jun 07, 2010
AAOMS members quick to join Haiti relief effort May 24, 2010
OMSs at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx repair Afghan girl's jaw Feb 27, 2009
Fixing Dead Jaw Bones Feb 04, 2009
Girl Survives Surgery to Remove 12-Pound Facial Tumor May 02, 2008