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Title Date
April is National Facial Protection Month Apr 13, 2023
AAOMS journal welcomes new affiliate Dec 30, 2022
Oral and maxillofacial surgeons: Provider of choice for wisdom teeth removal, dental implants Dec 12, 2022
Surgical experts publish updated MRONJ guidance Oct 13, 2022
2022-23 AAOMS officers and trustees announced Oct 11, 2022
AAOMS recognizes award winners during Annual Meeting Oct 11, 2022
AAOMS endorses Medical Loss Ratios for dental plans Sep 21, 2022
National organizations unite to promote facial safety in April Apr 08, 2022
JOMS study: Penicillin allergy testing encouraged to reduce infection risk in oral surgery patients Jan 05, 2022
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery announces new editor Dec 17, 2021
Association hosts anesthesia simulation program for first time at its new education center Nov 29, 2021
2021-22 AAOMS officers and trustees announced Oct 29, 2021
Oral and maxillofacial surgeons honored for accomplishments in research, education, other areas Sep 30, 2021
JOMS study: Prostheses can be immediately placed on dental implants with high predictability during jaw reconstruction Sep 01, 2021
JOMS study: More than 25 percent of children with cleft lip and/or palate travel over an hour for certified care Aug 02, 2021
JOMS study: Helmet use leads to fewer and less severe facial fractures among motorcyclists Jul 01, 2021
AAOMS names new executive director May 27, 2021
AAOMS advocates for legislation to provide insurance coverage for congenital craniofacial anomalies Mar 17, 2021
JOMS study: Early removal of unerupted wisdom teeth results in positive gum outcomes Mar 01, 2021
New feature in journal educates the public about oral and maxillofacial surgery Feb 12, 2021
JOMS study: Protocol for bone replacement procedure successfully treats children with jaw tumors Feb 02, 2021
JOMS study: Hoverboard head injuries more severe in adults Nov 02, 2020
JOMS study: Outpatient jaw fracture treatment reduces hospital stay without raising complication risk Nov 02, 2020
2020-21 AAOMS officers and trustees elected Oct 28, 2020
AAOMS recognizes award winners during Annual Meeting Oct 02, 2020
JOMS study: Skull fractures a concern with emergency department skateboarding injuries Sep 09, 2020
JOMS study: Motorized scooters result in more severe injuries than nonmotorized scooters Sep 09, 2020
AAOMS to hold its first-ever virtual Annual Meeting Aug 17, 2020
JOMS study: For jaw cancer patients, in-house 3D printing allows quicker restoration of teeth Aug 05, 2020
JOMS study: Jaw surgery improves quality of life in obstructive sleep apnea patients Jan 03, 2020
JOMS study: Children at risk for dog bites in eye area Jan 03, 2020
Grants awarded to oral and maxillofacial surgeons for volunteer service Nov 21, 2019
JOMS study: Scooter crashes significantly associated with head and face injuries Nov 07, 2019
2019-20 AAOMS Officers, Trustees elected Oct 25, 2019
AAOMS presents awards during Annual Meeting Oct 16, 2019
JOMS study: Facial injuries less likely to occur in bicyclists who wear helmets Oct 03, 2019
Dental Implant Conference to highlight latest in reconstruction advances Aug 26, 2019
AAOMS magazine editor receives Distinguished Dental Editor Award Jul 10, 2019
Future of oral and maxillofacial surgery to be on display at AAOMS Annual Meeting Jun 13, 2019
JOMS study: New treatment protocol created for children with arthritis affecting the jaw joints Jun 04, 2019
JOMS study: Survival rates decrease each year mouth cancer goes undiagnosed May 02, 2019
National organizations unite to promote facial safety in April Apr 01, 2019
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month: Self-exams, early detection can save lives Apr 01, 2019
JOMS study: Elective neck surgery can improve outcomes for patients with rare oral cancer Mar 12, 2019
JOMS study: CT scans overused in patients with dental infections Mar 12, 2019
JOMS study: Use of bone-growing protein in cleft reconstruction shows promise Mar 12, 2019
AAOMS advocates for federal legislation to provide insurance coverage for patients with congenital craniofacial anomalies Feb 28, 2019
JOMS study: Surgery to move jaws improves outcomes in obstructive sleep apnea patients Feb 04, 2019
OMS Foundation concludes successful $1 million fundraising campaign Jan 29, 2019
AAOMS, Henry Schein Cares Foundation present grants to OMS volunteers Jan 15, 2019
JOMS study: New treatment algorithm recommended for babies born with tiny jaws Jan 02, 2019
AAOMS announces 2018-19 officers, board Nov 27, 2018
AAOMS Dental Implant Conference to showcase the latest in research Nov 20, 2018
AAOMS to honor its 100th anniversary at its Annual Meeting in Chicago Jul 30, 2018
JOMS study: IV acetaminophen use results in no significant pain decrease in wisdom teeth patients Jul 09, 2018
April is National Facial Protection Month
Play It Smart the First Time – Wear Protective Gear and Prevent Injuries
Apr 24, 2018
JOMS study: ‘Silent sleep apnea’ prevalent in patients with jaw deformity Apr 04, 2018
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month Apr 01, 2018
JOMS study: Reconstruction of facial gunshot wounds improved by computer-aided surgery Mar 02, 2018
AAOMS subcommittee honored for advancing dental implant education Jan 15, 2018
JOMS study: Tests used for mouth cancer help uncover other serious health problems Jan 15, 2018
AAOMS announces 2017-18 officers, board Dec 11, 2017
JOMS study: Rate of sexually transmitted virus-related mouth and throat cancer increasing Dec 07, 2017
AAOMS garners awards for its Informational Campaign Nov 14, 2017
AAOMS, Henry Schein Cares Foundation award grants to surgeon volunteers Nov 06, 2017
25th AAOMS Dental Implant Conference to continue premier education tradition Nov 02, 2017
JOMS study: Botox can relieve jaw muscle pain Nov 02, 2017
AAOMS honors oral and maxillofacial surgeons during Annual Meeting Oct 11, 2017
JOMS study: Method discovered to lower amount of local anesthetic needed for dental care Oct 01, 2017
JOMS study: Study emphasizes the value of discussing oral cancer risk factors with patients needing oral biopsies Oct 01, 2017
JOMS study: Immunosuppressant drugs raise risks for oral cancer patients Sep 07, 2017
JOMS study: Surgical navigation shows promise as an innovative tool for oral and facial surgery Sep 07, 2017
Surgeons to develop their knowledge, skills at 99th AAOMS Annual Meeting Aug 30, 2017
AAOMS issues opioid prescribing recommendations Aug 28, 2017
JOMS facial cellulitis study: Efforts should focus on early treatment Aug 07, 2017
AAOMS conference shares innovations in research Jul 07, 2017
JOMS study: Public, patients agree – Oral and maxillofacial surgeons most qualified for dental implant procedures Jul 07, 2017
JOMS study: Some treatments for medication-related jaw necrosis produce better outcomes Jul 06, 2017
AAOMS conference focuses on anesthesia patient safety Jul 03, 2017
Five Dental Organizations Team Up For National Facial Protection Month Apr 13, 2017
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month Apr 11, 2017
JOMS: Limiting dental benefits increases hospital visits Mar 01, 2017
AAOMS earns top ACCME accreditation Feb 23, 2017
AAOMS statement on Price nomination as HHS Secretary Jan 03, 2017
JOMS: Botox helps manage Sjögren’s Syndrome salivary gland inflammation Dec 20, 2016
JOMS: Physiotherapy critical to children’s recovery from maxillofacial trauma Dec 19, 2016
AAOMS hires new Associate Executive Director Dec 14, 2016
Henry Schein Cares Foundation Global Outreach Program awards grants for volunteer OMS treating underserved patients Oct 10, 2016
High-Volume Surgeons Have Better Cure-rate When Treating Oral Cancer Jul 01, 2016
The Importance of Wisdom Teeth Management Jun 24, 2016
AAOMS and Organized Dentistry Coalition advocate for increase to the annual Flexible Spending Account cap Jun 02, 2016
Medicaid and Uninsured Head and Neck Cancer Patients have Worse Outcomes Jun 01, 2016
E-Cigarette Explosions Causing Serious Mouth Injuries May 25, 2016
AAOMS and Henry Schein Cares Foundation team up to support oral and maxillofacial surgery care for at-risk patients worldwide May 16, 2016
New Technique Shows Patients taking Brittle Bone Prevention Drugs at Risk for Jaw Necrosis May 01, 2016
Dental Specialties and Organizations Support AAOMS Wisdom Tooth Guidelines Apr 20, 2016
Five Health Organizations Double Down on Mouth Guards Apr 01, 2016
Dental associations urge regular oral cancer examinations—early detection saves lives! Apr 01, 2016
American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Names Scott Farrell as New Executive Director Feb 08, 2016
FDA banned chemical shown to produce superior results in jaw tumor treatment Nov 01, 2015