Pablos Holman - technology futurist - to give keynote address

Pablos Holman – a futurist, inventor and entrepreneur – will deliver the Annual Meeting’s Keynote Lecture, “Innovate at all Costs,” on Sept. 18.

With more than 70 patents, Holman distills complex technology into practical tools. He will explain how to enter the mindset of the world’s most innovative people and how to have a practical relationship with innovation. Holman will use examples garnered from his experience helping to create the world’s smallest PC, spaceships with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and mosquito-zapping lasers with Microsoft founder Bill Gates. An expert in 3D printing, artificial intelligence and robotics, Holman also will provide a glimpse into next-generation technologies.

Drawing on examples garnered from his experience as a leader on the world stage and an eyewitness to leadership in action, Powell will illustrate precisely what it takes for the role, providing strategies for “taking charge” during times of great change and great crises. Powell will demonstrates how to remain focused, take responsibility and work toward improving processes, organizations and people.

No tickets necessary.