Register Online

Those who plan to attend the AAOMS Annual Meeting are encouraged to register online for the meeting. Those who prefer to mail or fax their registration may download and complete a PDF form instead.

Register Online

Annual Meeting PDF Registration Form
(includes preconference program and special events)

Saturday-only PDF Registration Form

Coding Workshop Online Registration

Beyond the Basics Coding Workshop PDF Registration Form

Annual Meeting Registration Information

AAOMS fellows/members save $200 off the 2019 onsite registration fee when registering by July 1 (11 p.m. CDT) – or $100 off when registering between July 2 and 31 (11 p.m. CDT).

Advance registration is strongly recommended because it offers the best chance of enrolling in the sessions of your choice, and it will save you time when you arrive in Boston.

Register online or mail or fax a completed registration form to the AAOMS headquarters office. Children and spouses may be registered as guests under the attendee’s registration. Note: Attendees registered as guests will not receive continuing education credit for any sessions. 

Saturday-only Registration

Saturday-only registration is available exclusively to AAOMS fellows/members and their staff. To register for Saturday-only attendance, follow these instructions for Saturday online registration or download and complete the Saturday-only PDF form.

To register online for the Saturday-only option, after completing step 1 of the Online Registration Instructions below – while on the Registration Information 1 screen – select the Saturday-only rate from the “Your Price” drop-down list. Then check the box for “Saturday-only Sessions: $225” and click the Next button. Proceed with steps 2 and 3 of the Online Registration Instructions below. 

Saturday-only attendees are eligible to claim CE credit only for Saturday session hours.

Registration packets will not be mailed to Saturday-only attendees. The packets may be picked up at the Registration Center in Boston Convention and Exhibition Center beginning at 2 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20.

Online Registration Instructions

To register online:

  • Click on the Register Online button above. To register yourself, click the “Register Now” button and proceed with the following steps. To register others within your practice, click the “Register Someone Else” button and proceed with the following steps. Note: You will be able to register multiple attendees from your practice without logging out or having to enter your credit card information multiple times.
  1. Enter your email address and click the Continue button.

Members (including Allied Staff Members) and others with an email on file with AAOMS:

You will be prompted to log in with your username (your email address on file with AAOMS) and password. If you do not recall your password, select “I forgot my password” and password reset instructions will be emailed to you. (Note: If you do not recall the email address you have on file with AAOMS or the system does not recognize your email address, stop and contact AAOMS headquarters at 800-822-6637 for assistance before proceeding. If you are prompted to enter your contact information, that means you are not connected to your existing profile and membership history.)

New registrants:

You will be prompted to enter a name, address, phone number and a password so an account can be created in order to register for the meeting.

  1. You will be taken through a series of screens to choose sessions and add badge information for both you and your guests. After you complete your registration, you will be able to register other attendees by clicking the “Register Someone Else” button. Note: You will need a separate and unique email address for each person you register for a meeting. General emails such as office@yourpractice.com should not be used.
  2. Payment must be made by American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa at the time of registration. You will receive an on-screen notification when your payment and registration have been accepted, followed by a payment confirmation email. Each registrant with a valid email address will receive a meeting registration confirmation via email. Please retain a copy of the confirmation for your records.

If you need to change your registration after you receive the confirmation, please fax a copy of the confirmation with a note of the changes and your payment information to the AAOMS registration department at 847-678-6279. This is a secure fax number.

Note for Allied Staff Members: If you have applied for the AAOMS allied staff membership but have not yet received confirmation of your membership, you will not be able to receive the reduced allied staff membership registration rate. Please wait until your membership is confirmed prior to registering online for the Annual Meeting. If you have not completed an application and would like to become an allied staff member, please visit AAOMS.org/AlliedStaff and complete the registration process. Retroactive refunds cannot be issued for applications received after the online Annual Meeting registration process has been completed.

Register by Mail or Fax

The advance registration deadline is July 31. Registration fees vary based on the date your registration form is received at AAOMS headquarters. Fees are indicated on the registration form. Professional OMS staff must include practice name on their forms.

Mail or fax the completed registration form with the appropriate payment to AAOMS.

Secure fax: 847-678-6279

Attn: Registration
9700 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.
Rosemont, IL 60018-5701

Confirmation of your registration will be emailed to you within a few weeks following receipt of your registration form and fees.


Payment in full must accompany each registration form. Payment in U.S. dollars only may be made by check (payable to AAOMS) or by American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. 

Registration Packets

If you register by July 31, your registration packet will be mailed to you in late-August. Registration packets include meeting badges, badge holders and any tickets purchased.

Bring your meeting badge and tickets with you to the Annual Meeting. You will not need to stand in line to check in onsite if you have already received your badge and tickets.

AAOMS regrets that it is unable to mail registration packets to addresses outside the United States and Canada. All international (non-U.S. and non-Canada) registrants must check in onsite at the AAOMS “Will Call/International Packet Pick-up” counter.

Registration packets will not be mailed to Saturday-only attendees. Saturday-only packets may be picked up at the Registration Center in Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from noon to 2:00 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 20.

Registrations after July 31

All registration forms received after July 31 will be charged the onsite registration fee. Registration packets for any registrations received after July 31 must be picked up onsite at the “Will Call/International Packet Pick-up” counter.

Onsite Registration Center and Ticket Sales

Meeting attendees who have not registered in advance must register onsite at the AAOMS Onsite Registration counter in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Ticket Information

After Sept. 9, tickets (if still available) will be sold at the AAOMS Onsite Registration Center. Because many of these programs have limited attendance, you are encouraged to register early.

Registered attendees who want to exchange tickets for another session must visit the Onsite Registration counter.

Registered attendees who need a replacement badge or tickets should visit the Replacement Badge counter.

Registration Center Hours

Wednesday, Sept. 18
6:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Thursday, Sept. 19
6:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 20
6:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 21
6:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Cancellation of Registration and Refunds

Requests for cancellation of meeting registrations must be made in writing to: 

Attn: Registration
9700 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.
Rosemont, IL 60018-5701

Fax: 847-678-6279

A processing fee of $75 per registrant will be charged for cancellations that are received by Aug. 19. Cancellations received after Aug. 19 are not eligible for a refund. No refunds will be provided to “no shows.” No refunds will be provided onsite. 

Qualifications for Attendance

AAOMS fellows and members in good standing (those whose 2019 dues are paid in full, and who are not under a period of suspension or expulsion pursuant to the AAOMS Code of Professional Conduct), candidates for membership under a pending application, AAOMS residents in accredited oral and maxillofacial surgery programs, U.S. dental students and guests specifically invited by the AAOMS President are eligible to attend the AAOMS Annual Meeting.

Dutch Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (NVMKA) fellows and members may attend at the AAOMS member rate.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons eligible for any category of membership who are U.S. residents but not fellows or members of AAOMS may attend, subject to the following conditions: that sufficient space is available at the Annual Meeting site and upon payment of the “U.S. OMS who is not a member of AAOMS” fee indicated on the registration form.

Allied staff who are members of AAOMS may attend the meeting at a reduced fee. Persons in health professions not eligible to become AAOMS fellows or members may attend subject to the following conditions: that sufficient space is available at the Annual Meeting site and upon payment of the non-member registration fee.

Consultants may be invited to the business sessions at the discretion of the AAOMS Board of Trustees.

AAOMS residents/dental students in an accredited U.S. program but not on file with AAOMS who wish to attend the Annual Meeting must have their chiefs verify residency status to AAOMS headquarters in writing. International residents will be charged the same fee as an international OMS who is not a fellow or member of AAOMS.

International OMSs who do not belong to AAOMS may pay the same registration fee as a “Non-Member who is not an OMS.”

General Registration Fees – Sept. 16-21

  Through July 1 July 2
July 31
After July 31
and onsite
AAOMS/NVMKA fellow/member/affiliate/candidate/applicant  $695 $795 $895
AAOMS life or retired fellow/member $347 $397 $447
AAOMS delegate $347 $397 $447
AAOMS alternate $521 $596 $671
AAOMS/NVMKA resident member/U.S. dental student $0 $0 $50
International residents $995 $995 $995
International OMS who is not a member of AAOMS $995 $995 $995
Non-member who is not an OMS $995 $ 995 $995
U.S. OMS who is not a member of AAOMS $2,195 $ 2,195 $2,195
AAOMS allied staff member $400 $450 $500
Other professional staff of an AAOMS member (U.S. only) $500 $550 $600
Spouse of an AAOMS member earning CE credit $400 $450 $500

Saturday-only Registration Fees – Sept. 21 – $225