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2020 Annual Meeting - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to the meeting platform?


At the end of September, each attendee will be sent platform access instructions to the email account used to register for the meeting. Registrants should look for an email sent on behalf of AAOMS from noreply@6connexnotifications.com. Those who register during the meeting Oct. 1 – 10 will receive their access information within 24 hours.

Questions? Contact AAOMS registration staff at 800-822-6637 or registration@aaoms.org.

What equipment do I need to view the meeting?


The meeting platform is compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets and smart phones.

For optimum access, allow Flash, disable pop-up blockers and disconnect from a VPN (if possible). With a virtual meeting, a strong internet connection of 1.4 Mbps is recommended. Chrome or Firefox are recommended for web browsers.

Access the System Check button on the login page to ensure your computer and connection are ready to view the experience and all its live presentations. You can run a test at


NOTE: You can use the zoom feature in your browser to adjust for a better viewing experience.

What if my schedule prevents me from viewing sessions?


Attendees can access all meeting sessions during their scheduled time or on-demand about 24 hours following the live event. In addition, the general registration fee provides attendees with access to all sessions via the virtual platform for 60 days after the meeting.

How will I access on-demand sessions?


Starting at 6 a.m. EDT Oct. 1, on-demand sessions will be available to attendees. As an additional bonus, all sessions will be accessible for 60 days after the meeting. Access to the meeting platform ends at 11:59 p.m. EST Dec. 10.

Are all sessions accessible for 60 days after the meeting?


Clinical education – including the Dental Implant Program – practice management sessions and select special events will be accessible for 60 days after the meeting ends Oct. 10. These special events include the Opening Ceremony, Awards Presentation and Meeting Dedication and President’s Event featuring a presentation by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Q&A with Jay Leno. The Keynote Lecture and OMSPAC event with political analyst Charlie Cook will be available for 30 days.

Note: Allied organization events and networking sessions will be not recorded.

Access to the meeting platform ends at 11:59 p.m. EST Dec. 10.

What is included in the general meeting registration?


The general meeting registration gets attendees into the entirety of the 2020 Virtual AAOMS Annual Meeting, including all education sessions (clinical tracks, Dental Implant Program, Master Classes and Spotlight Sessions), special events (including the President’s Event with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Jay Leno) and the virtual Exhibit Hall.

What is Dental Implant Program-only registration?


Dental Implant Program-only is ideal for participants only interested in dental implant education. Attendees will be eligible to claim CE credit only for the Oct. 10 Dental Implant Program session hours. Dental Implant Program-only registrants also will be granted access to the virtual Exhibit Hall and exhibitor-specific sessions.

To register online for the Dental Implant Program-only option, follow the steps found on the Registration page. Those who purchase general registration automatically have access to the Dental Implant Program.

Are Dental Implant Program-only attendees able to access the program content for 60 days?


Yes. Access to the Dental Implant Program will be available until 11:59 EST Dec. 10.

Can I register for the meeting and get immediate access?


Advance registration is strongly recommended because it offers cost savings and instant entry when the virtual meeting opens Oct. 1.

Meeting registration will remain open through the duration of the meeting. However, those who register after Sept. 30 will not gain immediate access to the virtual meeting Oct. 1. Anyone registering during the live event Oct. 1 to 10 may have to wait up to 24 hours to receive access.

How do I order recordings of educational sessions?


If attendees are interested in purchasing session recordings after the 60-day access ends, they can buy recordings of the meeting at AAOMS.org/Recordings.

How do meeting recordings differ from the 60-day access to the platform?


Annual Meeting attendees will be able to watch and refer to specific sessions for 60 days (until 11:59 p.m. EST Dec. 10). However, the sessions will not be downloadable. If attendees would like to have session recordings for longer-term access, they can purchase the session recordings at AAOMS.org/Recordings.

Are additional tickets needed for any of the sessions?


All sessions and special events are included in the general registration fee for this year’s meeting. Those who register only for the Dental Implant Program will not be permitted to attend any special events and are encouraged to purchase the reduced general registration.

Will there be an Exhibit Hall this year?


Yes! The meeting features a virtual Exhibit Hall of more than 50 exhibitors and is open 24/7 from Oct. 1 to 10. During specific times, attendees will be able to engage directly with representatives. Attendees can explore all booths, which will house informational documents, videos and webpage links.

Select exhibitors also will host live and on-demand educational sessions, which can be viewed in the exhibitor-hosted education auditorium. A schedule of all exhibitor-hosted educational sessions is available in the online meeting schedule.

Can I visit the Exhibit Hall at my leisure?


Attendees will gain full access to the Exhibit Hall during the virtual meeting and can reference the booths for 60 days after the meeting. Contact forms will be available when no representative is active in the booth, allowing attendees to still connect with the exhibitor.

Which sessions are available to my spouse/significant other?


Any spouse/significant other added during registration will have access to the Networking Lounge and the Virtual Exhibit Hall. They will be able to participate in the following special events: Keynote Lecture, Opening Ceremony, Awards Presentation and Meeting Dedication, Third Annual International Reception with Scotch Tasting (additional fee), Wine Tasting (additional fee), AAOMS Virtual Career Fair, Virtual Alumni Networking Events, OMPSAC event with Charlie Cook and AAOMS President’s Event.

Can I store files and documents from presenters and exhibitors?


Yes! Each attendee has a virtual briefcase where they can store meeting handouts, vendor brochures, specific sessions for easy reference and more. These briefcases also will be prepopulated with relevant materials that attendees may find valuable. Attendees can download document files directly to their computer for future use.

All items will remain in the attendee’s briefcase until Dec. 10, when meeting platform access ends. Please note that attendees will not be able to download sessions, but they will be invited to purchase session recordings for long-term use.

How do I claim CE and evaluate sessions?


Visit AAOMS.org/MyCE to claim CE and evaluate sessions. You will need your eight-digit registration/member ID number found in the pre-meeting email or your AAOMS.org member profile.