Keynote Lecture to present revolutionary research on trauma and recovery

While mitochondria have long been known as the powerhouses of cells, they may also have other incredible benefits. During the Keynote Lecture – Preservation of Life is Not Survival – anesthesiologist and pediatric intensivist Todd Kilbaugh, MD, will discuss revolutionary research on how mitochondria may be the ultimate arbiter for neurologic injury and recovery.

With his research leading to multiple breakthroughs in understanding how the brain and body is injured and subsequently heals, Dr. Kilbaugh’s presentation ties directly into the Annual Meeting “Innovations” theme.

During this 60-minute lecture, attendees will discover how mitochondria may be the critical switch in how the brain ages and tolerates injury. Dr. Kilbaugh will provide an examination of how mitochondrial neurotherapeutics are unlocking neurologic preservation in critical illness such as cardiac arrest and traumatic brain injury – of importance because the No. 1 cause of death and disability worldwide in children is traumatic injury (primarily traumatic brain injuries).

His work has provided numerous innovations in trauma care and wound healing. He will discuss his pioneering science and research on novel anesthetic delivery systems and monitoring systems – leading attendees through an assessment of revolutionary devices and diagnostics that give a non-invasive window into brain function, injury and recovery in both the intensive care unit and the operating room under anesthesia.

About Dr. Kilbaugh

Todd Kilbaugh, MD, completed a pediatric residency at Louisiana State University Health Sciences in New Orleans, La. He has completed fellowships in pediatric anesthesia, pediatric cardiac anesthesiology and pediatric critical care medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Dr. Kilbaugh is board-certified in anesthesiology and pediatrics.