Clinical Module Programs

Two full-day clinical module programs will be offered during this year’s Annual Meeting.

Each day the clinical modules will begin with large plenary sessions before participants disperse into breakout sessions:

The Dental Implant Module on Wednesday, Oct. 11 will provide a brief historical perspective before reviewing state-of-the-art treatments. The plenary session will address implant position, soft-tissue grafts, hard-tissue outcomes with grafts and management of failed implant sites.

The Thursday, Oct. 12 TMJ Module is an all-day comprehensive session on the diagnosis and management of temporomandibular joint disease. Recognizing the multi-disciplinary management needed for TMJ patients, leaders in the field will present philosophies of TMJ disorders and discuss all aspects of TMJ intervention, including non-surgical and surgical therapy.

Featured speaker Dr. Daniel M. Laskin will describe the evolution of this complex clinical problem. Breakout sessions will cover controversial topics in a point-counterpoint discussion about OMSs managing the complex patient with TMJ disease and myofascial pain. The “How I Do It” session will explore surgical techniques for common TMJ procedures.

Audience interaction will be prompted and encouraged during these in-depth presentations.

Tickets are not required for the module programs.