Exhibition Information

More than 100 companies showcasing the latest products, equipment and services related to dental implant practices will be available in the Exhibit Hall.

Complimentary box lunches and beverage breaks are scheduled for Friday and Saturday in the Exhibit Hall.

After a full day of learning, the conference reception will be held Friday in the Exhibit Hall, where attendees can enjoy beverages, hors d’oeuvres, networking with colleagues and take another look at the latest in dental implant products and services.

For a list of Dental Implant Conference exhibitors, including booth numbers and contact information, visit AAOMS.org/DICvxh.

Exhibition Hours

Friday, Dec. 1
Exhibit Hall open
9:15 a.m. – 6:15 p.m.

Beverage breaks
9:15 – 10 a.m.
2:15 – 3 p.m.

Box lunches
Noon – 1 p.m.

4:45 – 6:15 p.m.

Saturday, Dec. 2
Exhibit Hall opens
9:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Beverage break
9:15 – 10 a.m.

Box lunches
11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

Exhibitor-hosted Programs

There is no additional fee to attend these sessions, but space is limited. Please indicate intention to attend when registering online or on the meeting registration form.

Lunch and Learn

Osteo Science Foundation Educational Seminar on Regenerative Medicine

Industry Symposiums

These sessions offer a unique opportunity for exhibitors to educate attendees about the latest research and developments significant to the OMS specialty. More information will be available on the web program and mobile app as well as in the Final Program.

Related Organizations and Services Booths

Visit the booths of AAOMS services and related organizations during regular exhibition hours.


The AAOMS Store is the source for trusted educational, regulatory compliance, practice management and marketing materials. Visit AAOMSstore.com for more information.

OMS Foundation

OMS Foundation is located on the third level. Stop by to learn about how the Foundation works to improve the quality and safety of patient care by supporting innovative research, quality education and academic excellence. Visit OMSFoundation.org to learn more.

OMS National Insurance Co., RRG (OMSNIC)

OMSNIC, the leading provider of professional liability insurance to oral and maxillofacial surgeons nationwide, is owned and operated by OMSs. OMSNIC is exclusively endorsed by AAOMS and rated “A” (“excellent”) by AM Best. Visit OMSNIC.com or call 800-522-6670 for more information.


The Resident Organization of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (ROAAOMS) works to provide OMS residents a forum for the discussion of their issues, information about organized dentistry and medicine as well as support in their development as future leaders of the specialty. Visit AAOMS.org/ROAAOMS to learn more.

Treloar & Heisel, Inc.

As professional association insurance administrators, Treloar & Heisel, Inc., ensures healthcare professionals receive the finest insurance coverage available. Its landmark programs include disability income, business overhead expense, disability buy-sell, term and permanent life, long-term care as well as home/auto insurance. Visit Treloaronline.com for more information.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

The AAOMS Dental Implant Conference offers a Virtual Exhibit Hall with all the companies featured in-person. Exhibitors can be searched by category, company name and more. Attendees will be able to find exhibitor websites and contact information. Visit AAOMS.org/DICvxh.

Exhibition Disclaimer

The exhibition is made available for informational purposes only. With the exception of specific products or services expressly endorsed by AAOMS, AAOMS does not endorse Exhibit Hall products or services, and the presence at an AAOMS meeting or function does not imply endorsement. By attending the AAOMS Dental Implant Conference, participants and attendees acknowledge and accept that AAOMS has assumed no duty to review, investigate or otherwise approve – and has not reviewed, investigated or otherwise approved – the quality, type, message, nature or value of any product or service marketed by attendees and exhibitors. As such, participants and attendees should conduct their own independent research of products or services, and AAOMS disclaims any liability for damages to person or property arising out of any product or service.

Information for Exhibitors

For more information on exhibition opportunities, visit the Dental Implant Conference Exhibitors webpage.