OMS Quality Outcomes Registry

OMSQOR® – the OMS Quality Outcomes Registry – is ready to change the future with your help! The de-identified data automatically extracted from your office electronic health record software and transmitted to OMSQOR can help AAOMS preserve your right to deliver anesthesia and support continued reimbursement for procedures done in your office.

With your help, AAOMS can tell the specialty’s story completely and factually. The success of OMSQOR is dependent on your participation and on the quality of data captured within your EHR system. This new registry will allow you to benchmark your practice and provider data to aggregated data from your peers; identify variation in practice patterns within your practice; help you identify areas to target for quality improvement activities; and potentially lead to valuable outcomes research.

An important component of OMSQOR is the Dental Anesthesia Incident Reporting System (DAIRS). DAIRS is an anonymous self-reporting system used to collect and analyze anesthesia incidents in order to improve the quality of dental anesthesia care. All dental anesthesia providers are encouraged to report events related to the delivery of anesthesia. Incidents reported to DAIRS are maintained as privileged and confidential data.

OMSQOR Reporting and Information

DAIRS Reporting and Information