OMS Quality Outcomes Registry

Thank you for your interest in the OMS Quality Outcomes Registry (OMSQOR®) and the Dental Anesthesia Incident Reporting System (DAIRS).  

OMSQOR is undergoing necessary maintenance and recalibration. The Association is continuing to work behind the scenes to ensure the registry will provide the specialty with enhanced opportunities to advance efforts related to advocacy, benchmarking, quality improvement and research. With the evolution of OMSQOR, AAOMS is raising its expectations – thereby enhancing the reporting capabilities to maximize quality improvement and advocacy impact while promoting long-term research engagement.       

An important component of OMSQOR is DAIRS, an anonymous, self-reporting system used to collect and analyze anesthesia incidents in order to improve the quality of dental anesthesia care. All dental anesthesia providers are encouraged to report events related to the delivery of anesthesia. Incidents reported to DAIRS are maintained as privileged and confidential data. 

Visit AAOMS.org/DAIRS to access DAIRS.

AAOMS is conducting a two-year prospective Anesthesia Safety Study via the OMS Quality Outcomes Registry (OMSQOR®). Active and comprehensive project engagement is critical in generating data to support the AAOMS team model of delivering anesthesia safely in the office-based setting. The purpose of this study is to document and measure the safety of delivering anesthesia services in everyday practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery. The research question is: “Among patients being treated in the oral and maxillofacial surgeon’s office, does sedation, when compared to local anesthesia, have similar frequencies of adverse outcomes?”

For questions or requests for information about the registry or its mission, email AAOMS staff at omsqor@aaoms.org