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American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

OMS Knowledge Update

Now Available! Preview and purchase the OMSKU V Chapters on Anesthesia, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Head & Neck Infections, Microneurosurgery, TMJ, The History of OMS, Pathology, and Dental Implants.

Look for the chapter on Cosmetic Surgery to be available soon.

OMSKU V, the newest volume of the OMS Knowledge Update, is an interactive, online resource featuring 14 sections that correspond to the designated areas of OMS practice as specified in the Parameters of Care. This new online format is the most innovative and up to date form of continuing education. Users of the new OMSKU V will be able to access videos, interactive tutorials and more, all written by leaders in the OMS field and beyond.

Members: $100-$200 per chapter

Non-Members: $200-$400 per chapter

Residents: $50-$100 per chapter

See individual chapters for pricing.

Visit the OMSKU V specifications page for technical requirements. For technical support, please contact

Chapter Preview!
Check out a portion of the Anesthesia Chapter.


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