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Webinar on The New OSHA and Hazard Communication Standard Now Available

November 7th, 2012


Originally held on October 30, 2012 The New OSHA regulations change the Hazard Communication Standard. These changes include: a new standardized format for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) formerly called Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), 16 specific sections designed to ensure consistency across industries and nations, and new labeling requirements.

Employers must train their employees in the new label and data sheet requirements by December 2013. Plan ahead on this mandatory OSHA requirement by participating in this one and a half hour webinar given by Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA.

*Stipulated by OSHA, effective in December 2013.


At the conclusion of this enduring material, participants should be able to:

  • Describe hazards in the OMS office;
  • Demonstrate how to define the Safety Data Sheets (SDS); and
  • Implement the new label and SDS requirements.