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Professional Courtesy Compliance

August 14th, 2009

The AAOMS is offering 2 GREAT WAYS to help your office comply with Professional Courtesy:

Professional Courtesy Webinar-September 16, 2009

This 90-minute webinar was originally held on September 16 and covers the rules for Professional Courtesy and how to implement a LEGAL policy for your practice. Since 2004, Professional Courtesy has been subject to legal regulation under the Federal Stark Rules. Failure to satisfy these rules could subject your practice to denial of claims and stiff penalties.Additional information on Professional Courtesy was also addressed in the March/April 2008 AAOMS Today which can be found at "Professional courtesy a hot topic at first-ever OMS Billing Conference". Questions and answers from the September 16, 2009 webinar can be found at Professional Courtesy Webinar Questions and Answers.

Professional Courtesy Policy Template (CD-ROM)

Under Stark regulations issued in 2004 and 2007, medical practices may only provide professional courtesy in accordance with a bullet point list of rules. To comply, the courtesy policy also must be in writing and approved by the Practice's governing body. This template furnishes a complete set of Stark compliant policies for the various types of practice entities (corporations, LLCs, sole proprietorships, etc.), together with appropriate adopting resolutions.

Available now in the AAOMS eStore, or call 800-366-6725 to order. Refer to Item Code: PCPT.CD.