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Set the Bar High - Complete the All New AAOMS Coding Certificate Program and Get the Recognition You Deserve!

March 20th, 2009

The all new AAOMS Coding Certificate Program (CCP) offers a coding instruction series for OMSs and their staff unmatched in scope and detail anywhere else. This specialty-specific certificate program consists of three course levels - Basic, Beyond the Basics and Advanced (either Advanced Online or the Annual Meeting Advanced Coding Practice Clinic). Development of this offering stems from an Association wide belief that those who successfully complete the entire program should be recognized for their accomplishment and proficiency in OMS coding. While not certification, those AAOMS members and staff that complete the program will be awarded a certificate of completion and special lapel pin, visible proof of these individuals' extensive knowledge of coding principles. Knowledge that will show immediate results - measurable, significant results - for your practice! For more information view frequently asked questions about the new program.