Dental Anesthesia Incident Reporting System (DAIRS)

Thank you for your interest in the Dental Anesthesia Incident Reporting System (DAIRS). DAIRS is an anonymous, self-reporting system used to collect and analyze anesthesia incidents in order to improve the quality of dental anesthesia care. All dental anesthesia providers are encouraged to report any unintended event related to the delivery of anesthesia for a dental patient in DAIRS.

Examples of anesthesia incidents that could be reported include:

  • Laryngospasm
  • Cardiac event
  • Equipment failure
  • Drug interaction
  • Serious incidents that cause permanent harm

Reporting is anonymous. All reports to DAIRS are maintained as privileged and confidential in DAIRS. Reported cases may be selected for educational presentation but will not include any identifiable patient or provider information. Submission of this report does not replace or satisfy requirements in your state to report to your board of dentistry or appropriate regulatory authority

Submit an incident

For more information on DAIRS, email dairs@aaoms.org.