Professional Allied Staff Membership

Allied Staff members shall be staff of current U.S. AAOMS fellows, members and candidates. The allied staff member must complete an application for membership. Allied staff members must pay a one-time application fee, and following election, annual membership dues. Upon receipt of the completed application and fee, allied staff members will be automatically admitted to membership. Allied staff members who leave the employment of their sponsoring member must provide updated employment information to the AAOMS. Should an allied staff member drop his/her AAOMS membership, they will be required to submit an application and sponsorship information in order to reinstate their membership. Allied staff members shall not have the right to vote or hold office.

Benefits of Allied Staff membership

  • Discounted registration fees for AAOMS educational offerings, including the annual meeting, Dental Implant Conference and practice management and coding educational programs
  • Participation in the AAOMS Career Line
  • Access to AAOMS Today, ASI newsletters, OMS Staff Communique, and other electronic communications via e-mail

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