Advocacy 101

Want to get involved but not sure where to start? This comprehensive web resource features information on all things advocacy! Watch one of our short videos or read one of our helpful handbooks. Remember – you are the specialty’s best advocate at all levels of government!


  • Meeting with Elected Officials

    Get helpful tips on how to set up a meeting with your elected officials, ideas for your meeting and resources available through AAOMS.

  • Sending Messages to Elected Officials

    Anyone can contact their elected officials. This video provides step-by-step instruction to maximize your outreach and tools to make the process easier.

  • Testifying Before a Government Panel

    Testifying before the legislature or dental board can be intimidating, but this video provides guidance to make the most of your opportunity to voice your views.

OMS Action Network

Want to get involved now? Sign up for the OMS Action Network, AAOMS's grassroots advocacy program.


  • pdf
    Open Government 101 PDF in new window

    Learn about the branches of government, how a bill becomes law, campaign finance, elections and grassroots advocacy.

  • pdf
    Open Grassroots Toolkit PDF in new window

    Want more information on how to get involved? This toolkit provides a deep dive into all of the different ways you can advocate for the specialty.

  • pdf
    Open Hosting a State Advocacy Day PDF in new window

    Hosting a state society lobby day is one way for members to meet with their constituent elected officials to deliver the society’s message.